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Lama Temple is located in Beijing north two ring road near the Confucian Temple in the west, and the Imperial College, covers an area of about 66000 square metres, it is Beijing 's largest existing a Tibetan Gelug royal temple, Lama Temple was the emperor Qian Long was born, he not only has the royal temple style, now more profound Buddhist culture attracts the world tourists from all over, so now we can see a lot of blonde foreigner come to visit, and there are also many stars also come to worship.

We now see the Lama Temple area in the Ming Dynasty called the Gestapo street, here was the Ming Dynasty eunuchs of the secretary. To the Qing Dynasty emperor Kangxi here Herod gave his imperial four Yin Zhen Yin Zhen is best, because Prince Yong, so here is also known as Yong palace. In the Yin Zhen successor, Yong palace became Hyphalosaurus Di, Yong Zheng intended to build Yong palace the palace, and given the name Lama Temple.

In the palace period, the Lama Temple is a stick rod, it is one of the secret service. The inside of the stick rod. Each stunt, Wu Yi high, designed for the Yong Zheng arrest dissident, killing enemies.

Although Yong Zheng kill many, but in his history he was a wise king. During his reign, dispel the Manchu nobility many privileges, but also too much slaughter, even killed his own son ( Hongshi ), so in the later added some notoriety is can hardly be avoided. Also because of Yong Zheng's killing was too heavy, so his son Qian Long succeeded to the throne after the emperor, after consultation with the Tibet Zhangjia living Buddha, then Lama Temple to Shamanism ( sect ) of the temple, may borrow up to merit salvation Temple House is the spirit of the deceased father.

Here to mention the famous Zhangjia living Buddha, Zhangjia living Buddha life frequency has the legendary color, and his spirit Kangxi and Qianlong played an indelible meritorious service. In our country the Mongolian and Tibetan areas were four living Buddha, they are the Panchen Lama, Darai in charge, after former reservoir reservoir; Zhangjia living Buddha in Qinghai; there is a living Buddha in Mongolia. The Buddha to reincarnation reincarnation and handed down from generation to generation, the Zhangjia living Buddha reincarnation Nishi Akiyoshi was Emperor Yong Zheng teacher, while in the old chapter, after the death of Mio Akiyoshi, his reincarnation in Qinghai Guo grand temple was identified, but the Mio Akiyoshi Little Buddha at the age of seven, because he presided over the temple attended the rebellion against the Qing Dynasty and was the encirclement, Little Buddha were several near acolyte protection to hide into a nearby cave, Emperor Yong Zheng after learning that orders the Little Buddha find and escort to beijing. The joint purpose after and put up a notice, timed to surrender the Little Buddha, otherwise it will destroy the village temple. Hear this news, to hide in a cave of the monks cried together, thought that no matter the downhill, coming down from the mountain is only one death, in this case, the Little Buddha refused to implicate others, step forward bravely, decided to go down the mountain. And see the answer fluently without fear, this caused the Qing general surprise, but also very much like the little buddha. They will be little Buddha escort to Beijing, Yong Zheng the emperor summoned him, see the Little Buddha refined and courteous, very innocent and lovely, but the Little Buddha in the arms of her.

The emperor Yong Zheng to the Little Buddha many special reward, most notably life little Buddha and his fourth sons ( the later emperor Qian Long ) learn together. Because of Zhangjia living Buddha and the emperor Qian Long was classmates, who established a pure, deep friendship, so in their adulthood, their respective boarded the politics, teach high, is life-long cooperation, cooperate tacit understanding. Zhangjia living Buddha life involved in solving the many ethnic, religious problems, often recieves orders at jeopardy when, in his identity and efforts, at the time of the Qing Dynasty appeared the unprecedented unity situation, this also is today unity pattern made distinctions won in battle.

City at the people of Zhangjia living Buddha of Chongxin also to an astonishing degree, historical records, when people saw Zhangjia living Buddha carriage over, are scrambling to put the handkerchief on the ground, allowing the wheels to roll from above, as the fortune.

We now see the Lama Temple's main building is: -- -- Zhao 's chariot arches -- copper beast -- -- -- -- the king's temple Pavilion Xumishan -- Lama Temple -- Yongyou Temple -- Falun hall -- wanvog.

In the past, Lama Temple building divided into East and West three road.

In the east of Southern called even real, Lama is a student monks living residence. In the North East College, is simple and elegant landscape architecture, according to legend East College within the well chamber is the emperor Qian Long 's birthplace.

While the West was Lama Temple Buddhist dharma Guandi temple. You may wonder, Lord Guan is the God of wealth, how to become Buddha Dharma, in fact, " Romance of the Three Kingdoms " in the chapter " Yuquan Hill Guan visions ", tell the antecedents and consequences : it says that Guan Yu is Sun Quan general Lvmeng alive, Sun Quan to surrender, but his hands under the counselor can not be said, said to Cao Mengde three a five a small feast banquet, Guan Yu is not a win glory in battle and go? Sun Quan heard this, he ordered Guan Yu to be beheaded and the head hanging tower to destroy the morale. But after the death of Guan Yu and a soul does not come loose, soul swing float to the Jingmen Yuquan mountain, Yamakami Yuichi monk, Farmington Prolene net, is important in water the town of temple abbot, Guan Yu had five passes, in Si water almost killed, it was the Prolene net elders elders for rescue, later saves Guan Yu and refuge. The world, to the mountains of Yuquan, knot grass hut, daily and other acts lecture on. One day in the middle of the night, the elders are nunnery in meditation, suddenly he heard someone screaming air, also my head! My head! Filters & his watch, see only soul wanders in guan. In the hands of Fochen point cloud in: Changan. Guan Gong recognize elders, said to be saved, be everlastingly grateful: this off of a disaster, when death is willing to seek advice, education, lost. Filters & said: This is a past, all Xiu, consequences of antecedents, each other. This general Lvmeng victims, so my head, but Liang Yan, Wen Chou, five will be six all of the head, and to whom Sawyer? So the public see light suddenly, Jishou to become Buddhist law of god.

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