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2016-09-23 20:17:53

Hello, everyone. First of all, I represent the Tianjin China travel service welcome everyone to attend this tourism activities. My name is Wang * *, of the car guide, you can call me Wang, this is the experienced driver master li. As the saying goes: the Millennium boats crossing the repair. Today should be the Millennium repair with car dealers. We will provide you with quality service, if you have any requirements, just ask, do not mention, we will try our best to meet your requirements. Wish everybody in today's tour to play happy, enjoy the game.

Our trip destination is the Yangliuqing museum.

It is the one of 8 Shi Shi Yuan residential. Stone was born in Shandong province Dong'e County, when the Ming Dynasty since then to the water transport of grain industry, profit gradually. Fifty years of Qian Long, who began to settle in stone Yangliuqing, his son Shi Wancheng quite a good business, home endowment rifeng. Jiaqing four years, Qianlong minions and Kun guilty of death, a maid with jewelry fled, Shi Wancheng was docked in Tongzhou grain boat take, thus, stone house wealth surge, to the son of Shi Wancheng stone Xianting period, Ishi Yachi changed the age-old single and have a flourishing population, big industry. Stone Xianting put stone house property among four sons, each vertical hall, long Fu LST, two door is low church, three day tin hall, four door first United church. The four statue of a United Church in a good, Choi D is flourishing, continued expansion into West first, people commonly known as the mansion. Shi Yuanshi died in eight years, his wife and his family moved to the city of Tianjin, from the stone will gradually decline, the mansion was severely damaged. Since 1987, the Xiqing District People's government has invested 560 yuan 1991 mansion was gradually restored, Tianjin Municipal People's Government approved a municipal heritage unit, named the Tianjin Yangliuqing museum.

Well, now we to the mansion. Please take off your belongings, do not put in the car. In the afternoon 5:00 car collection, remember our tour bus for the white buses, running for ferry XXXXX.

Everyone from here to enter, it was cold in here, now as a celebrity photo galleries. We look into the compound, shooting nearly more than 40 movies, television dramas. Like " sword smiles ", starring Andy Lau; " sunrise ", starring Xu Fan; " amidst the confidante ", directed by Roy, starring Jeff Chang Xun Zhou. Many celebrities have visited the mansion, known as the presenter Jing Yidan, Cui Yongyuan. In addition, the famous movie performing artist is the sixth generation Shihui Shi Shi sun, he directed the film " my life ".

Now we look at the famous willow youth picture display. Look at the first exhibition, in this display is the Qing Dynasty Kangxi - Qianlong period representative works in this period, the New Year paintings to show people's life story and history of the main theme, character is outstanding, pay attention to character expression characterization. Look at this picture of " good " auspicious is a plot of Lady doll allegorical paintings, its meaning is the use of Chinese characters in the homonym auspicious, with the bat " bat " happy " blessing", with the fan 's "fan" generation kind " good ", with Daoqiangjianji " Trident " generation of auspicious " Gee ", with numerous " up " generation " to celebrate celebration ". We can look at the pictures " Ladies " "金玉满堂" for " steal immortal Grasses " " ten free ". New Year paintings on display here is the Qing emperor Jiaqing and Daoguang period representative works, the figure in the picture is more, complex background. " Four art show " in color with blue, black, gray and a few other colors, received and refined effect, this coloring method called " powder blue ". Showroom intermediate is clay forms making new year paintings of five processes: " outline drawing, stereotypes, printing, painting, mounting ". Now we go to second galleries to see the light box paintings, stone Shi Yuan 's brother Shi Yuanjun in four years Guangxu organization of Chongwen college, located in the Wenchang Pavilion, the pavilion of Wenchang is completed, decided to do a wall twenty-four lamps, each lamp from good books to pick a maxim, according to the semantic conception drawing, painting light boxes. Now the museum is one of eight lamps.

Go ahead, we look at the marriage room. On the right is the ancient wedding bridal sedan chair, the sedan has two layers, the inner layer is called the core. On the left is used clay kneading of the wedding scene, is surrounded by some wedding supplies display. Fengguan, generally people are from the rent here, "or the vegetarian " was the rental wedding supplies a name, equivalent to the current rental wedding place. Cap cylinder, incense, hair box, mirror, food cans are a dowry.

Here is a female hall, now as a brick room open to the outside world. These are taken from the town of brick buildings, from which one can see the Millennium ancient architectural style. The first exhibition featuring top class of brick, second galleries exhibiting gate brick, third galleries exhibiting such brick wall. This picture called " Fushou Duo ", health and longevity peaches table, table and pomegranate, bergamot can hold property, longevity, and more money, so as to " Fushou duo ". The fourth exhibition of the brick sculpture called " generation seal. " the old monkey, monkey steal peach tree back on, touch the honeycomb, bee sting in the monkey on his back, take the homophonic back loris.

Below we look at business custom showroom. This show is the end of the Qing Dynasty street, reproducing in Yangliuqing town bustling scene in northern China, is the epitome of big commercial port. We notice, shops on both sides of the poetic couplet are very interesting, barber is the " first cause, on top of Kung fu ". Fried cake shop is the " pie name Wufu, give the cake ". Pawnshop is a " green fly fly shop complex, silver gifts with me ". We will go to the temple.

In the hall where the center is the view with sound Bodhisattva, the room for the character as above, below Fu, Lu, Shou Samsung like. The temple is the typical lifting beam frame structure, four Liang bazhu. The house structure is very strong, it is often said that the wall fell real collapse.

The mansion has three inside, because of its vertical column according to the lotus three fl. carved into three different morphological patterns, named: " in early puberty ." "Huarui wadding " seed " full Penglian ".

We first look at the first line of inside, " in early puberty ", it is the three most stress inside a. Its are among the two block holding drum stone, stone drum is like the first held outside, namely " auspicious ", in the side of crane deer rejuvenation. In those days only to silver five hundred and twenty stone, two stone masons carved a year before completion. Inside in have four seasons flower pattern, symbol through this door, safe, let us together through the door to see Peking Opera theater.

The mansion is now: Church, theater, Wenchang pavilion. Now we see is now one of the theater. Peking Opera Theater of the outside is a layer of tin, copper rivets on a birthday word. The famous performing artist of Beijing opera, Yu Shuyan, Sun Juxian, Gong Yunfu are sung congregational. The theater is characterized by warm winter, cool in the summer, good sound quality. Peking Opera Theater wall is rubbed brickwork building, close seamless, with wall flue, by hall field mouth into the carbon 200 jins of burning a day, although winter cold, the building was as warm as in spring. In the summer, theater interior furnace air circulation, brick stone hard things cool, arranged on both sides of the side door of air convection is formed, space and high, windows sunshine is not direct but particularly bright, make people feel very cool. Peking Opera theater building bricks are three horseshoe kiln designated special firing. By a special tool grinding after dry swing overlapped with the surface, called white plaster paste adhesive, wall into a whole, and the north south high low echo is hit, the compartment door can playback, carries sound effects are excellent, so big theater loudspeakers, not only in the corner to hear clearly, even in the hospital also hear that error. Therefore, the stone house theater called " folk art ".

Read the Peking Opera Theater, we could look at the second inside: " bud bursting ". We guard building above the wood is wood crane, a total of nine only, legend has it that a crane by 12 years old, 9 is to add life 108 years. Crane back carving is ancient coins, so from this door is also increased longevity and rich. Second inside is behind the third inside: " full Penglian seed ". The gatehouse above and vertical column on both sides are carved gourd climbing vines pattern, named calabash generations, generations of reproduction constant symbol.

The three uses respectively symbolize master lifetime three wishes: the seasons of the year for security and peace; generation of longevity and rich; future generation permanent.

Commentary to this end, the following time, everyone can make their own tour.

We one day tour will end, service deficiencies, I hope you forgive me, opinions. As the saying goes: " two mountains can't meet, two people can meet again ". Hope to have the opportunity of serving you again. Thank you.

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