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As the saying goes, " first in Shichahai, and later Beijing city ", also known as the " Houhai " of Beijing Lake almanac is the old Beijing people a good place for recreation. Because of its beautiful environment, and folk charm full, more than two hundred years has attracted many famous monk officials, even to this or to build a mansion, or the building of the temple, a Shichahai added a profound cultural background.

Now, Beijing city taste more and more strong, can see the old Beijing old folk place is less and less, can be in the Shichahai, still can hear the crisp autumn insects, still can see old Beijing siheyun building group in miniature, is still able to chew Jingwei Culture Tourism Festival will be here opening ceremony. " Visit Shichahai, see old Beijing ", tea, boating, swimming, visiting the alley, more pure Beijing accent, making Shichahai stars.

Song Qingling's former residence

Alcohol Pro palace Prince house at the north shore of Houhai, palace is divided into hospital, hospital, garden and horse ring four. In addition after the government has built a temple alcohol Pro a, occupying a total of around 80 acres. Especially in the house of the west garden has a very long history. National honorary president Mr. Song Qingling residence was built in alcohol Pro palace West Garden, she work here, living for 18 years, having an antique flavour to the city landscape left many traces, add a lot of color.

During the reign of Kangxi, pearl palace garden is located here. Rockery garden, bamboo, well-proportioned South Bridge, before water " prescribe the night " seven trees, of which two were more than two hundred years ago in ancient wood, is said to be the son of the Pearl of planting by hand. Young Nalanxingde often invited Beijing's famous literati gather in this poetry and lyrics, today's conduct under the tree, nostalgia arise spontaneously, eyes seem vaguely like figure, ear side echoed the singing voice, " double leaves foliage dressing steps, huarong ". Later, pearl sin, this house was occupied by the gardens and Kun, Jiaqing enthronement, garden and near the mansion together into a prince is given, and the water after admission into the prince of chartered. Now we see " Enbo Pavilion " is built into the prince of peace on the stone, " safe and sound all year round " four words from the hand to the prince. Guangxu years, the mansion and given a " Guangxu " father Prince, the wedding palace on the basis of add to repair, kiss the palace built alcohol.

Today, alcohol to kiss the palace has become a scenery line of Shichahai margins, many tourists are attracted to come, only for the heart that a history of love and admiration for monuments.

Mei Lanfang's former residence

Mr. Mei Lanfang 's life in the last 10 years in Shichahai Xibei Yu Hu Guosi Street 9 pass, this is a typical Beijing courtyard, an area of 716 square meters. Has now become the master of tourism landscape reminiscent.

This is a two into the Beijing small courtyard. A total of 37 rooms. More than 3 existing collections of documents. Courtyard preservation house appearance, drawing room, study, bedroom and living room 's furnishings according to Mei Lanfang's life, a display of the status quo.

Guo Moruo monk Memorial Hall

Thousands of rod alley to the north about 30 meters, Qianhai 18 West Street, here is the generation of cultural celebrities in his later years Guo Moruo lived. The autumn of 1963, Guo Moruo moved to here, in the lake by the quaint Beijing courtyard covered his last 14 years.

The memorial hall into the grass, bronze statue of Guo Moruo, sitting in the front of the pergola, hands gently on his lap, looking calm and honest. Stop the shade, downtown in a long songs, can be heard without end.

Hospital the most conspicuous when the number of Mr. and Mrs. Guo Moruo had planted ginkgo and peony, those who be together morning and night and master of every tree and bush, infiltration in the master sincerely and broad emotional world. People inside into the courtyard, thing both sides has been turned into showrooms, with pictures and in-kind show poet, scholar and warrior, extraordinary life. Is the living room, office, bedroom is still alive when the master display. Warm Lang around small rose garden to the north, the room, the median of a Guo Moruo couple grinding calligraphy place. Great man has to go, here still. A roll of manuscript, a piece of calligraphy works, retained his charm.

Guanghua Temple

Dressed Chemapiantian Zada, Shichahai, all through the ages is grounded, Buddhist monks preaching activity for the. Because the Buddhist buildings, named Shichahai. One parent, after 700 years of vicissitudes of Buddhist temple of Guanghua temple, located in the west side of the north shore of Houhai Drum Tower after the infants alley No. 31. Canton sithua Si south, east of sycee bridge, west near the Song Qingling's residence, covers an area of 13800 square meters, has 329 halls, in the East, West, three yard. The whole temple building rigorous, monk room formed in abutting, Academy of architectural features. The Cooper green, flowers Yixiang, winding streets.

Guanghua temple was built in the yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties built after three, the Qing Xuantong period first year ( 1909) in the planning and construction of the library, Mr. Lu Xun worked in this office. 1921 August opening to the outside world. Beijing Buddhist Association was founded in 1982 and the venue located in this temple. In 1986, the Buddhist Association of Beijing Guanghua temple road works in conversion Beijing Buddhist music, carrying forward the Chinese traditional music culture, playing the " Beijing Music " that the Buddhist music, and train successors. Nowadays, Guanghua temple is not only the followers of Buddha place, Buddhist music, Buddha ceremony has become as a kind of culture, folk culture in Shichahai area is an important component part of.

Products to Ciyi sages Zen Temple

Huitong Shrine

Huitong temple which is now the Guo Shoujing Memorial, located in Beijing City, Xicheng District Shichahai West ( Jishuitan ) along the north of the Huitong river. The founder of the Yuan Dynasty, the expanse of water, beautiful scenery, unique geographical location makes it a Yuan Dadu City, Beijing Hangzhou the Grande Canale's north pier, transport vessels can access here. Huitong Temple sit south, have a Shanmen, Xie Shan adjustable spinal gray tile roof, stone coupons door, board doors of the two fan, roof and east-west side hall in a palace in three, are hard mount up polio tile roof. The backyard has two layers of building of the cover after the temple after the original, a dark red of a boulder, the pattern of clouds, kowtow like copper. Rock texture in about as if there is a chicken in a lion, people commonly known as: " chicken lion stone ".

In September 27, 1988 the completion of Huitong shrine. Covers an area of 1100 square meters of Huitong Temple according to the original architectural form resume building. There are lions, stone, rockery stones, sword monument, well-proportioned, winding road, show ingenuity, Shek Pik hole cave, Wan since opening day. An island to reproduce the earth, water around the island and, with the passage of the lake, as if I was back to the long and glorious and resplendent history.

Prince Gong's garden

Qianhai is located in the west of Prince Gong's garden, to Qian Long's minions and Kun house, by Ci Xici gave Prince Gong also Xin and hence the name tags.

Prince Gong's scale, covers an area of 6 more than 10000 square meters, house, garden two part format, with more than 30 building community, pay attention to the layout, the extraordinary momentum. The garden also known as Jin Garden, garden design, layout has a high artistic level. The park in the " hill" font rockery arch, three mounds of earth rock Weishan, road to Fangshan stone pile hole and. Based on the peak, look down from a height, more substantial Park landscape.

Now, Prince Gong House with its magnificent, beautiful deep, is well-known in the world, attracting and guests.

Around the alley, taste the charm of Beijing

Alley, quadrangles is the symbol of old Beijing city. No matter you are Beijing natives or afar visitors, will be attracted to that thick accent.

From the Qianhai West Guo Moruo's departure, Shun former Haibei along over sycee bridge climbing tower. Then ride over crow infants alley to the silver bridge, along the way, the old man carrying birds in cages, rubber band skipping girl, a bowl of noodles with soy bean paste squatting in the courtyard doorway talking while eating boy, this comfortable life let people linger.

Around the alley, not to the sleeve, refers to the sycee bridge dividing Qianhai north along the frontier, Houhai, Willow Street and Qianhai Street within the region, there are 18 alley winding. The serpentine jade river water with the changes of society more than the Pentium; different characteristics of the bridges and give you a poetic reverie; Temple old temple so that you understand the meaning of life and the ignorance of the world fear; palace garden records his self-reliance and poor helpless; deep alley gave birth to the social development exuberant opportunity vitality.

Board the tower bells, listening to history

Founded in 1272 in the Bell Tower and Drum Tower in Beijing, more than seven hundred years has been standing in the Beijing city axis. The two floor of one high and one low, one horizontal and one vertical gain by contrast, a pavilion, wings to go with God than male Tao Wei slightly. The Bell Tower and Drum Tower was Shiyuan, Ming, Qing three generation timing center, plays a so-called " to a cure, acoustic and Zhengtong " role, see it seemed to hear that lingers in the capital over the heavy bells, awe-inspiring!

Shichahai, not mentioning Deshengmen tower. The Ming and Qing Dynasties, when the troops to war, the soldiers are leaving from Deshengmen, which went to fight in the front, a " Ruby " choi. Now, the station to Deshengmen, the show in front of us is a vibrant area of garden of science and technology, social progress on the wings of science and technology henceforth will not stem. From the gates at the north can also see the moat and willow waves sprinkled to the scenery, the scenery and the science and Technology Park mutual Chang Ying was a little different in general!

The canoe, enjoy the comfortable life

As night fell, Shichahai many cruise ships, little, bursts of sound. Shichahai sculling boat is modeled on the " riverside " in boat building, having an antique flavour. Tourists in Beihai park opposite the north gate lotus market terminal board, head, wearing a yellow hat jacket boatman to row, the ship from the point of ancient lantern, the bow arms music instrument lady plucked out ethereal folk music. Scull boat through the ancient Beijing famous landscape " sycee bridge ", visitors tea snacks while watching the two sides, rich human landscape and folk life scene. The most wonderful is the sunset sunrise, the ship Shichahai Houhai, people lit candles paper lanterns into the water, light floating on the water surface floating along the aft, flickering bright is a piece of. Musical sound shore visitors watch, visitors enjoy a drink ... ...

Beauty should have food company, it is the good life. As it happened, barbecue season, Chuk Yuen guesthouses, calendar home cuisine cuisines, is in the Shichahai side.

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