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" Season, we return to the natural heart. " I wonder if you here and listen to this sentence would feel warm. Wish everybody the working fatigue and life worries to be flung to the four winds, to join me in bath in the generosity of nature and passion. Today I do along the way that, first I represent Yougushentan all staff welcome your arrival, if everyone in the play process what is puzzling question, please put to me, I will do my best to give you a satisfactory answer.

The first show in front of us is a huge swimming pool, Ikenaka Mizu is flowing spring natural mineral water, the water is all from the top down, the mountains covered with many precious wild herbs, such as radix, Alpinia galanga, lily, peony ... ... So the water into many herbal juice, so swimming here cool free, body smooth, and health effects.

Dear friends, do not know when you enter the canyon, feel fresh air to blow on the face, when you walk on the stone road, look up at the two sides of high rock Bili, Yamashi U strongly fragrant, near and far, plus Valley in the vertical and horizontal streams, murmuring, whether your spirit for the world?

Now the introduction of your eyes is a huge rock frame in the two stone on the formation of an arch, a letter to " the door ", cleverly put humanistic spirit in nature extraordinary as if done by the spirits. Follow my hand look, great wall mimicking a mountain face, long nose, mouth, eyes opened and closed, open eye concerns into Yougushentan people, to protect your safety, eyes tell people it does not care about your rejection Hill God is pure.

This canyon, a total of 2.5 kilometers, have water stream in everywhere, and how high the mountain water much, water has a fish, let you feel the nature that is full of Smart's charm.

In order to you in the climbing process, do not feel tired and empty, in addition to feel the natural charm, can also enjoy human art, so we asked around the well-known masons in this carving some calligraphy and ancient rock paintings. This group of " gradually entering blissful circumstances " is not to urge you to walk, the inside view will be more beautiful.

Around you, with every kind of stone, image hue, unique, such as over the news that little turtle, doing positive climb movement, it was washed down from the valley, has tens of thousands of years, KEF over there, what reason cause it to be rushed to be here? Would you please follow me to find the answer.

People with " three minutes of appearance, seven points up " a word, then the king would have " three points, seven points to say, " please go back with my finger in the direction of " Crouching Tiger Hill " is really a big tiger head westward in the face, the legend is the Jade Emperor dispatch in here " and king of the hill ".

There is a huge " probe stone ", forming a natural roof summer, because too much rain, so will the cylindrical milling below, let visitors stop when a certain sense of security.

Friends, want to try the " high flyers " feeling? We developed this area in 1998 August artificial recreation facilities -- " high speed ", its entertainment, strong stimulation, but narrowly, if friends are interested can try.

In your eyes is a depth of about 3 meters, 2 meters wide ditch, ditch grow some green moss, from time to time from the stone in a stream of clear water flow. Legend here was once catfish fine cave, it often harm radius of the people, make trouble, cause the Jade Emperor's anger, he ordered the killing of it, for the people of pesticides, catfish sperm was injured in the cave, has also left in the cave, the stream of clear water scour until now, nor to the crime.

Before Tan Bu and clear, and hope that the loyalty of people between straight bottom friendship like this " deep water " Tam, as to the origin of the name please as I walked along the direction of my fingers, watch, listen to me a touching and sad story, the big turtle in the effort to climb the at the same time a head but towards Taniguchi, while it is under the protection of her children, recumbent, will head to hide at her neck, originally under the mountain valley mouth that little turtle should also be in the mother's side, because in the catfish sperm killing time, night of thunder and lightning, it's raining and blowing hard., frightened females and his two children, to avoid the disaster, females will hold small turtles, to the top of a mountain run, all of a sudden, near a small turtle accidentally stepped on a loose stone, fell out, along with the river washed into the bottom. Big turtle 's head that has been washed the mouth of Valley looks, looks at her long-lost child, tears fell again and again, the plot has become a pool, the people be moved, renamed " deep water " pool, pool of tears flow to the bottom, rushed to the small turtle body, also placing the mother's thoughts, true it may be said " mother worry about son, mother of thousands of miles, not anxious ".

In walking a big stone block our view, " change the world " four characters carved in it, bypassing this stone to cool Valley, please temporarily into the nature, enjoy the people the most beautiful realm. Come here we pause here, lush trees and cool, the ladder, is a great platform, around the shade cover, the breeze blowing, sitting above, looking at the beautiful valleys, the heart is drunk.

Now before us is Yougushentan wonders of the " waterfall ". Hundred feet high, on two stacked, superposed on the side peaks rise steeply, Pentium spring as a Dragon Valley, assist wind fog, miscellaneous in overlapping granite, splash, Mungo roar, then by the slow spread in scaly cliff, forming a wide fan drencher, fluttering Sasa as a few yards, forming waterfalls wonders, one of the most deep in the 3.4 meters, although not Li Bai's " fly flow only 3000, suspected Galaxy nine days off " spectacular, but also the beautiful happiness within.

As the saying goes, " never been to the Great Wall is not a true ", so here I want to say is " not God Tam more regret ". Through this pass is " God Lake ", Deng ladder fun, experience, when you stand in a ladder top head to the bottom lookout, on both sides of the towering peaks, the middle path is like a Wolong upward crawl, towards the valley mouth shouting, will let you feel more comfortable.

We now see is the famous " God tam ". Pool party hundred feet, the depths of 8 meters, with waterfalls, dropping Qingliu, far view of two upper and lower falls as Ssangyong containing beads, more magical is top-down is a whole gray granite impact from, but can be washed into a lake so deep, but also a solution. In the static, while there are 8 meters deep, it becomes clear, lake bottom flashing coins, each one represents the tourists a wish, the lake fish pool free from restraint, wide opening and small bottom basin lake, like shape, water quality is very high, is a pure natural mineral water.

Legend there are turtles, is in charge of the world the vicissitudes of local people, so as to Lake, had a rain ceremony spread so far. In time of drought in circumference a few people to God Lake next to the "rain Temple " in the rain, for men, stripped to the waist, carrying two sheep, with a copper pot, sacred end, from God Lake drain water, the water can not move until after the rain, the water into the lake, allegedly and efficacious, often in the home will have heavy rain.

From the squat boulder on the " exquisite Temple " side, passed across the gorge between the " iron bridge ", came to the dangerous peak the kurtosis of the " alchemy Valley ", mountain and sat on a stone, like a fairy tales in alchemy, very early in the morning, the valley has a faint purple clouds arise. Valley next to a nearly 100 meters brown granite springs or along the corridor, or wash for the valley of several feet, forming a secluded " stone river", this is the highest Yougushentan " realm " -- "a quiet stream ".

Long in city friends, away from the noise, a visit to this, listen to the stream and singing, enjoy spring fragrance, bathed in the streams of the breeze, eight forget in the nature, enjoy the climb up to.

Yougushentan unique beauty calls more visitors to explore, leisure vacation, because there is no pollution, no noise, the environment elegant and pleasant, picturesque scenery; because along both sides of picture myriad, precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs, over Yanaka Shi, spring collection, flowing, a scene, a lot of rumors.

Famous calligrapher Mr. Qi Gong in a tour or readily write about " Yougushentan * Ancient Lake Valley Scenic spot ". The beauty of nature, the people always quiet an irresistible temptation, the human spirit, only to reveal that stone. Imperceptibly, we have arrived at the foot of the mountain, I explain the service will come to an end, we can explain the is my pleasure, if you in this process are not satisfied with what, please ask me. " Plenty of fish in the sea: the world where not to meet ". May we meet again or in Yougushentan, or shall I serve everyone, wish Yougushentan the wonderful scenery bring you a new experience.

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