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The tourist friends:


Everybody is good! Here, please allow me on behalf of Aba Tibetan, Qiang, Hui 820000, Han people warmly welcome your coming, and hope that our services can add warmth, happiness for your Jiuzhaigou trip.


The tourist friends, into Jiuzhaigou, you are more than 1000 Tibetan compatriots in the most distinguished guests, Jiuzhaigou is the world of fairy tales a princess and Prince, hope you happy, enjoy the play, play in the warm in play.


The tourist friends, Jiuzhaigou is China's only have "World Natural Heritage" and "World Biosphere Reserve" two international titles natural scenic area. It is located in the northwest of China Sichuan Province Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous is the territory of Jiuzhaigou County in South Central, North Minshan mountains in southern Gaerna peak, is a source of Jialing River water in a ditch. Jiuzhaigou got its name because of the nine Tibetan villages. Jiuzhaigou beautiful scenery Qi Yan, rare in the world, in the modern society can maintain such a perfect magic natural fantasy scene, this and Jiuzhaigou compatriots of the Tibetan nationality believe in Tibetan Buddhism in benzene wave teaching has the very big relations. Tibetans believe in the gods, they think of Jiuzhaigou every tree and bush, rivers and mountains are God's gift, so we respect the people of Jiuzhaigou customs is the greatest respect for Jiuzhaigou, is also the largest Tibetan people's respect for Jiuzhaigou. We believe that you are enjoying the nature at the same time, can also do not smoke in the ditch, do not litter, do not feed the fish for food, don't climb trees to pick flowers. Here on behalf of the Jiuzhaigou people thank you for your cooperation and support for our work!


The total area of Jiuzhaigou 720 square kilometers of protected areas, the protection area of 600 square kilometers, the protection of the buffer zone is 110 square kilometers, tourism open area of 140 square kilometers. Yinuorilang as the center, by Shuzheng ditch, the ditch on and the Java trench depression, the ditch we are now called Shuzheng ditch, 14 km long, the other two ditch, the Java trench depression is 18 km long, the ditch on the 17 km long. Scenic area 49 km one-way.


We arrived the next attraction is into the groove of the first Tibetan Village -- the lotus leaf village, is one of the prosperous village in Jiuzhaigou, in the village of Tibetans has changed in the past nomadic and farming way of life, settled in the village, the ancient wood structure of the original building is now a family Hostel, they use butter tea at any time, the fragrant sweet barley wine hospitality guest from afar every come Jiuzhaigou, this is due to the government of Jiuzhaigou to protect them a way of making a living, forest and as they seek, so similarly Shuzheng walled and slag wa zhai. There are a hundred years big pine, behind the lotus leaf village alone of independent, vigorous strong, that is welcoming pine, is a legend in Jiuzhaigou fighting pesticides Sal, had become an eagle fight, a Lone Pine is his hunt demons leave marks from the sky when flying over the wings and, we went to the lotus leaf village now.


We will now be NuoRiLang, please prepare to get off to. Nuorilangzhaozuo walk is the Java trench depression, full-length 18 kilometers, can visit the nine concentric stone, colorful pool and Changhai; on the right is the groove on it, 17 km long, can watch the sea, Pearl Beach, five bears, panda, bamboo sea, swan sea, Caohai, sword rock and virgin forest. Now we are at the center of the scenic spot Jiuzhaigou nuorilang.


We have been the main ditch Shuzheng ditch, now we are going to visit the groove on it, the first attraction is the mirror of the sea, look at the best time to mirror the sea is calm reflection mirror, water 11 meters, the depths of 24.3 meters, covering an area of 190000 square meters, about 925 meters long. The sea as smooth as a mirror, named the sea. Sea blue sky and white clouds, snow capped mountains to embrace the sea, reached a "fish swimming in the cloud, birds flying in water" wonders. This is a strange sea, Sheng real reflection, and another two odd are water waves and sea moonlit night. Mirror the sea and a rattan wrapped around the tree, rattan trees to the infinite love, and rattan trees to endless love, so the mirror Haiyinteng wrapped around the tree named Love Park, far away to the lovers will be here to show the loyalty of love.


Here you can see the strange landscape again.

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