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The Zhouzhuang is has more than 900 years historical the Chiangnan region of rivers and lakes Guzhen, it by the distant tradition, the simple and honorable common social practice, the ancient construction, the character which the clear river water and fills the legendary color, becomes a piece extremely to have the tourist attraction. Renowned ancient construction expert Luo Zhewen said; "The Zhouzhuang not only is a Jiangsu Province's treasure, moreover is a national treasure." The Taiwan latitude and longitude magazine highly praises the Zhouzhuang is "Chinese first region of rivers and lakes". Also had many people after to tour the Zhouzhuang, like this said: "On has the heaven, gets down has Suzhou and Hangzhou, middle also has a Zhouzhuang." Everybody preserves so multitudinous Ming and Qing Dynasties for the Zhouzhuang to construct acclaims, is "the bridge, the running water, others" the fine pattern but dizzily is puzzled, for everywhere may draw, have the poem the character and style to be infatuated with at times, thought the Zhouzhuang is beautiful region of rivers and lakes which is unable to rebuild. The Zhouzhuang is the Guzhen which is famous by the small bridge over the flowing stream, it can maintain the original condition today, but also must depend on the water, why? On century 780 ages, when the Chiangnan rural economy rapidly develops, the Zhouzhuang because the water is cut off the development to be slow, the small town original condition has only then preserved down. Zhouzhuang earliest time calls loyally abundant in, in this has a surname Zhou in 900 years ago to enlighten the court attendant to contribute completes the entire lucky temple 200 Chinese acres, the native for commemorate he, will be loyal abundantly in renames as the Zhouzhuang. Certainly, the Zhouzhuang is prosperous is popular to the Chiangnan rich and powerful people Shen Wanshan, the Shen Wanshan makes the foreign trade using Zhouzhuang's river course and the foreign merchant, only then caused the Zhouzhuang the economy rapidly to develop.

Zhouzhuang's main scenic spot has Chiangnan rich and powerful people Shen Wanshan the housing Shen hall, has "the ship from the family" a hall, has the writer to compose a poem makes music confuses the building, has entire lucky temple which Zhou Dilang contributes makes and so on, my above said several places are the Zhouzhuang most have the representative place, has leisurely flies a picture famous Twinbridge and most has the Chiangnan construction style the bridge house --- bridge and so on, after everybody arrived has certainly had to appreciate well.

Said the scenery, we must said has eaten, in the Zhouzhuang, everybody may certainly have to taste the Zhouzhuang special product 13,000 hooves, moreover, Zhouzhuang's mother-in-law tea also very much has the characteristic, I simply said, the mother-in-law tea is in the town the mother-in-law one public relations way which drinks tea in turn in various. The Zhouzhuang people all are called eat the mother-in-law tea but drink the mother-in-law tea, that may really be eats. Because is fastidious richly compared to the tea, is Qin Chashi chats the time snack, has the characteristic is the salt vegetable heart, is salty, the sour acid, is the early spring oil vegetable heart installs in the seal bottle the salt system becomes. Because has the characteristic very much, unexpectedly has become Zhouzhuang's main traveling local product commodity. Good, I first gives everybody on the vehicle to talk about here, do not be first mouth-watering, how you has wanted to eat to the Zhouzhuang how eats.

(Arrived the Zhouzhuang) [ to walk to loyal abundant flooded land memorial arch in front of ] we already arrived the Zhouzhuang, here was the stone decorative archway, was gorgeously towering in this new old , was the Guzhen Zhouzhuang's symbol, the above engraves has "the loyal abundant flooded land" four characters, wrote for renowned calligrapher Shen Peng. I already had said on the vehicle Zhouzhuang before is called loyally abundant in, this "loyal abundant" was originally refers to the Zhouzhuang named to be loyal abundantly in, "the flooded land" refers to all around the surrounded by water place. We now walk to the decorative archway at the same time go in addition, everybody looked, here has submits a written statement "the Tang wind ". The meaning is in the Zhouzhuang, ancient times the outstanding national culture, the ancient customs lost the rhyme also to be able to see some. This is the renowned calligrapher spends newly my venerable in old age advanced age time writes with the left hand topic, the left under angle also has his inscription! Everybody may carefully identify, is "newly my left pen" four characters.

The Zhouzhuang is the typical Chiangnan region of rivers and lakes, everybody knew, the Yangtze River delta is the water resources extremely rich place, since the ancient times, here village may not have the path, but cannot not have the rivers, the water is Chiangnan others and the outside exchange most convenient way. Not only the Zhouzhuang so, with in, f straight even Suzhou all is such.

Front has an ancient bridge, is called too the level bridge, constructs to the Qing Dynasty. Unfolds at present in everybody is a moving Chiangnan character and style picture, in the Shen hall exhibit room, may see the Japanese famous female painter bridge conscience spring take it as main background named "the Zhouzhuang Some One Day" the oil painting.

This ancient street is named a step of street, because it is very narrow, step may bridge over, both sides the street opens a shop the shop owner does not need to go out the shop gate, may mutually shake hand or hand over the thing to express the friendship, therefore calls the friendship street. Above also has a day, middle is , this kind of building in the big city is very rare, actually has in the Zhouzhuang many.

Now, we already arrived Twinbridge, tours the Zhouzhuang Twinbridge was has no alternative but to look. Everybody looked that, this bridge floor one horizontal one is firm, an aperture of bridge side circle, the appearance very picture is a key which the ancient time people uses, therefore the native then calls it "the key bridge". These two bridges beginning constructed at during bright ten thousand all previous years (1,573 ~ in 1619). This bedstone arched bridge is called the virtues passed down from one's ancestors bridge south, stretches across the north market river, the length 16 meter, the width 3 meter, the span 5.9 meters. This bedstone beam bridge calls Yongan the bridge, even frame in money creek mouth, length 13.3 meter, width 2.4 meter, span 3.5 meters. Twinbridge most can manifest the Guzhen the charm, and so on as soon as meets everybody to be allowed to photograph in here accepts as a memento. Why can Twinbridge such become famous? That was in 1984 the spring, Shanghai famously stays in America painter Chen Yifei to ride the boat to arrive the Zhouzhuang, saw Twinbridge, had thought oneself returned to in the memory childhood as if. Thereupon, take Twinbridge as the background, has created an autograph is "Hometown Recollection" oil painting. Afterwards this oil painting in decorated corridor displayed together together with his 37 works by American west petroleum company Chairman Armand. Hammer in the name naming Hammer. This picture had been causing the very big stir at that time, afterwards, is bought by Armand. Hammer with the high price Tibet. In the same year in November, Mr. Hammer is visiting Chinese time, has given this oil painting Deng Xiaoping. In 1985, this picture passed through the Chen Yifei processing into at that time United Nations first-day envelope design, deeply collects stamps the amateur and persons from all walks of life's favour. After the news media propaganda, the Zhouzhuang Guzhen reputation rises up. The Chen Yifei picture caused Twinbridge which remained obscure to move towards the world. Now, knew key bridge this name the person have already not been many, it durable Twinbridge has replaced it in the people mind. Now, nearby Twinbridge on frequently will be able to have many future Chen Yifei in this sketch.

Now, we already arrived open the hall, Zhang Ting were few the Ming Dynasty which the Zhouzhuang only saved construct one, was the Jiangsu Province key cultural relic preservation organ. Zhang Tingwei Ming Dynasty Zhongshanwang Xu Da younger brother Xu Meng Qing descendant constructs. Reasonably said Xu Jiajian should be called Xu the hall, why calls open the hall? That is in Qing Dynasty first year time, the Xu family declined, had sold to this house household surname Zhang others, only then changes name for open the hall. Let us to open the hall the main hall to have a look. Here is Zhang Ting main hall "the jade swallow hall". Jade Yan Tangyuan the famous joy is suitable the hall, in front of the previous gate has two yulan magnolias trees, spring one, the jade orchid was open, brings in many swallows, the swallow has built the nest reproduction descendant under the eaves, the master which open the hall was seen, thought the swallow and the yulan magnolia tree for open the hall to bring the vigorous vitality, thereupon on changed the joy along the hall the jade swallow hall. Zhang Ting characteristic is "from the gate advance, the ship from the family". Hall , some dark profound prepares makes, ancient time prepared makes is walked for the servant, today but division of the our humanity rank, this has not prepared makes arouses modern people's interest on even more the level, everybody unexpectedly walked time. Please goes in along with me.

Here is "in ship oneself" place. You did not look it is narrow, but it can to the outside big lake. It has two functions. One is Zhang Ting is a household rich person, every day must consume many eats, uses, to put on, all depends on the boat to transport from here ships out. Two is the feudal society, can go to war at times, the master 11,000 comes across any mishap, may ride the boat to escape from here.

Now we arrive this bridge attracts a large audience the bridge, I also gave everybody on the vehicle simply to introduce, its beginning constructed at Yuan Dynasty, passed through innumerable repairing, it is said the Shen 13,000 younger brothers study 14,000 also once invested repair this bridge, the Shen ten thousand three pathogenies multimillionaires have suffered are sent to frontier service Yunnan, from this time on, people's desire not merely was rich, but also had to be peaceful, name of the bridge was precisely from this. Everybody looked that, ends of a bridge obviously four bridge houses, this is the region of rivers and lakes construction one kind of form, the bridge house characteristic is it is not , but is one, the store or the teahouse and so on the public construction, moreover, because the bridge house relies on the bridge to construct, therefore in the building does not suppose the staircase to enter the bridge house two buildings from bridge stone steps.

Now we saw this building is the famous Shen hall, speaks of the Shen hall to be able not but said Shen 13000, 13,000 brother has made the tremendous contribution to Zhouzhuang's economic development, should say he also is one of people which an our country part gets rich first, textually researches according to the expert: Shen 13,000 richly has three reasons. One, depends on tills the fields personally builds up, in courtyard this cow indicated he is depends on farms gets rich. Two was Shen 13,000 has inherited others property. Third also is most main, Shen 13,000 depends on north the town that anxious Shuijiang and the foreigner does business. He Chiangnan's area embroidery, the silk sold to the foreigner, has made the great money. With us now the speech said makes the foreign trade. Shen 13,000 is rich not only ranks among the best area our Chiangnan, moreover also very much has the fame in the nation. That time Zhu Yuanzhang just was emperor. Because successive years goes to war, how much money doesn't have, but he wants to repair the city wall in Nanjing, how manages Some minister proposed that, "Lets the rich and powerful people undertake this great sum of money." Thereupon, Shen 13,000 divided has constructed 1/3 city wall the duty. At that time Shen 13,000 wanted to take this opportunity to flatter Zhu Yuanzhang, then very refreshedly has put out many money.

Soon the city wall has fixed, moreover repairs very much attractively, in the Shen 13,000 hearts is very happy, thereupon he thought the thin raw white silk works the soldier which repairs the city wall. Who knew this matter to know by Zhu Yuanzhang, Zhu Yuanzhang originally on very much was jealous of Shen 13000, such first he found the excuse. Zhu Yuanzhang 13,000 has caught Shen, said: "You must be richer than with me, but also wants to buy the morale of troops, must seize my landscape, this how." Thereupon must 13,000 sentence Shen the capital crime. Had been lucky these civil and military hundred officials act on behalf of to ask favor, the Shen ten thousand three life forces exempted as soon as have died, is sent to frontier service Yunnan to be sent to frontier service. The Shen 13,000 family members, decapitate decapitating, is imprisoned being imprisoned, is with one's family broken up and decimated. His family property also completely confiscated. Only some little grandson ran away, Shen Jiacai has left behind a root. We now saw Shen Tingjiu is Shen 13,000 descendants Shen Benren when the Qian Long seven years constructs. Both sides this cast antithetical couplet, the first scroll is: The armor ten thousand household south Zhouzhuang Chiangnan gathers the treasure; The second line is: East called occupies east the dwelling guest Jinling creek the Tibet silver. Summarized the Shen 13,000 life. Shen Ting is Zhouzhuang scale biggest seven enters . North and south to the city streets as soon as enters the Shen hall with second enters separates. This kind of form has the representation very much in the region of rivers and lakes. As soon as enters Linhe to construct, was called "Shui Qiangmen, is advantageous for the ships intercourse and washes clothes, faces the street is" the dry wall gate ". Inside is the tea hall, the main hall, for receives the guest to handle the wedding and funeral important matter place. The tea hall for general entertaining a guest place, the scale, the arrangement is inferior to the main hall. The main hall is "the loose cyclopentadiene hall". Above the great hall two sides gallop on horseback the building connection respectively to enter the building. In the past, if had the guest, the female family members is cannot arrive the main hall to meet, only could gallop on horseback in the building in this, through the wooden window which opened to the hall peeps at, young lady which was still unbetrothed also is helps the husband in this. After the main hall but is the size hall building. After summarizes is the lobby the hall, the bright stove darkroom two big characteristics. Shen Ting fifth enters is placing Shen 13,000 , this is in the fable gathers the valuable plate.

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