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Perhaps you to revisit past lingering, is willing to old landscape reliving your former emotion, and bring you new feelings and inspiration; perhaps you are attracted to the eyes for the first time since building the Great Wall, to appreciate the great wall back first floor style, we would like the Great Wall -- the first floor nine building the Great Wall and she conceived culture makes you intoxicated and teach you nostalgia.

Nine building of the Great Wall in the town of universal southeast 13 Li powder die in the valley of peak. Nine building the Great Wall in Sihai area, the history of defense has also been a governance in the world, then let me introduce universal. Introduction Sihai, must first talk about the world. This is how the name came to the world? According to historical records, the old north, called the " River" as the " sea ". Four seas, precipitation is abundant, the stream a lot. Four town at the entrance, a confluence of four rivers, therefore, people is known here as " four seas ". The Yuan Dynasty was built here, iron smelting field, therefore, since the Yuan Dynasty, people also call here as the " universal rule .".

History has recorded history, people have people saying. On the world history, in old people mouth spread is a beautiful fairy tale:

In earlier years, here is not the world, because there are four rivers flowing from here, people call it " four river ". Four River land not only picturesque scenery, fat, and annual production is much also, favorable weather, people were so rich. Who knows the day of the Dragon King of the eastern sea was sent to four rivers of rain, a bigmouth hidden in Dungeons & Dragons water bag, was down, into a spirit. It feel though one is free, can be bored, and ran to the south, West and Beihai, for the turtle, shrimp, crab three gremlins four goblins, each occupying a river to stir up trouble, want to eat on the random grab, regardless of animals or people, catch do not want to live up to; nature, water is water, regardless of whether the house or land, want to break what you did.

After that, people would not one day peaceful day, not the suffering is the house of the accident, a nearby folks not hide oneself from place to place is to weep and sob. One day, a gray-haired old lady sitting on the top of the hill cry grandson, crying that sad difficulty is really touching. Happened to the Jade Emperor in heaven inspection pass by here, the old woman crying up days, blocked the Jade Emperor of the cloud. The emperor was asked: " what is this place? "

Too white Venus stands out, said: " His Majesty the emperor, this place was called the four rivers. "

The emperor said: " you go to ask the old lady why cry. "

Too white Venus collar will, into an old man, went to the old lady and asked: " Why are you so sad? "

The old lady said: " ah, my grandson, was alive the tear, eat, poor ah! My poor grandson! "

Too white Venus asked: " what is so powerful? "

The old lady said: " fairy! "

Too white Venus then asked: " what fairy? "

The old lady said: " I only know it from coming out of the river, to blame the wind blows rain, they are too late to hide hide, who would dare to see it grow what ah! " The old woman crying and whining.

Too white Venus to the jade emperor made him. The Jade Emperor said: " this must be the monster insurrection, in more ways than one, look, the bottom four river water to the muddy. To go, to give me called Sihai dragon king! "

After a while, the world of dragon arrived. The emperor ordered them down the river to catch the monster. Four Dragon King took the emperor 's will, press the Yuntou respectively fall into the four river, caught fish and turtle shrimp four monsters, on the bottom of the sea in big stone presses, teach them to never again. Since then, people also live a good life.

At that time, when the Jade Emperor saw the monster gone, the clear river, a happy heart, said: " did not think this place suddenly startled Sihai Dragon King, which is not simple! Since four the Dragon King come, here you should call the four seas. Today it is also thanks to all the old God of longevity! "

Since then, four river was named " Four Seas ". The white-haired old lady was the emperor was sealed into " Old God of longevity ", whole live one hundred years. Because the Jade Emperor said " Old God of longevity ", first mentioned in the world, therefore, not only the old lady a personal longevity, playing there, all people all live a great age.

People don't forget the Jade Emperor's merit, everybody pays in four Haicheng center built a jade emperor Pavilion, dedicated to him.

While the legend is different from historical accounts, but it from another side reflect the history and the wishes of the people. For example, the legend says, the Jade Emperor Pavilion, which reflect the true history, Universal City did have built Yuhuang Pavilion, pavilion two layer, very spectacular, in front of the stage, but was later destroyed. For instance, the legend says that the world people live longer, this is not false, four seas do health, and life expectancy is long, but this is not because the emperor was sealed, but mainly because of the world without pollution, good natural environment.

When it comes to the world 's natural environment, first when it comes to the world of the vegetation and landscaping. The world is famous in the world, one is its rich cultural heritage, another is its beautiful environment. When it comes to the environment, we will first look at the world about its culture environment, while we introduce.

Universal environment how, in fact you have felt.

To the world, will can produce two outstanding feeling: A is the world 's big mountain; two is the world all over the mountains and plains are green. Into the world, you will feel your arms into the mountains, into the depths of the forest, into the green rendering beautiful and tranquil mood. Not only are you, is our long-term life here people and you feel the same. Yes, you follow my finger to look around, that a mountain, that a gully, mountain and hill, trench and ditch, our eyes are and, which are full of trees, which are lush foliage, which is not green drips jade, which is not green expansion of vitality, and which is not our spirit to rouse for it? Occasionally or yellow or red flowers powder or embellished, the green is green more brightly even more dazzling. This is natural, yes, we have entered into the nature, we have entered into the nature of the hinterland, into the nature of the soul! Please hold your breath, listen carefully, listen more carefully, you hear the breath of nature.? You hear nature rhythm, hear Nature's pulse? Those who teach the flowers and trees swaying in the wind, is nature, breathe! The murmuring flowing water continuously, night and day, nature is not exactly blood what! And the beat beautiful note is the rhythm of nature?

You are now catch spring, can not only look Sihai spring all the year round, but very beautiful. Four seas, mountain green water often flows, the four seasons evergreen, twilight, but it is always beautiful. Spring, green mountain greenstick tucui, such as dyeing, peach and apricot and various wild flowers bloom and bloomed, fine long aroma to the heart, to teach people drunk; summer, such as the Tao Lin, a vibrant, stone wood school, don't is a picture; a golden autumn, fieldwork, reflect a harvest scene, mountain, tree fruits, leaves Dan Hill fire, and that " a tree deep yellow " scene more poetic; winter, white powder block, while the green pines and verdant cypresses stand proudly attitude, and not only was to give birth to a lot of respect.

The world is beautiful, the universal beauty is moved from one generation to another, to patronize its people. The world 's most representative features, extracted from eight, called the " four eight" they are: transverse ridge towards Beijing, four river clean, Qiao home Yat implicit, fishing, fishing or late peak cloud kind, Rock Park, Longtan Pinnacle should rain, birds get sound. While those dignitaries, men of literature and writing, continued to arrive, leaving a large number of poems singing it.

This is the national green PARKnSHOP township is one of the universal environment. Universal environment so look attractive, the most important due to its vegetation. The world, the forest coverage rate has reached more than 90%, we will go to the nine building the the Great Wall scenic area reached 95%, in some places, such as the West Ditch mountain even reached 100%, where the original secondary forests of tall trees blot out the sun, spectacular.

Vegetation lush, not only purify beautification environment, regulating the climate, increased the economic output, but also rich in species. There is also a variety of wild animal breed and multiply the good habitat. According to incomplete statistics, there is XX kind of wild plants, the development and use of many varieties, such as the mountain skullcap, made into tea, not only has the role of thirst, but also dispel, antihypertensive, Xiaoshi role, if you eat greasy food, drink Huang Qincha, will soon be excretion. The. In addition, like XX, XX plants for the profession of rare plants; wild animal, leopard, wild boar, deer, badger, fox, goat, and a variety of birds under XX. The world is biological science research and science education in primary and middle school students a good place.

Green mold universal beauty, also created the rich world. The Chinese chestnut, walnut, universal, Hazel Mushroom Hill, as well as Chai eggs, has become a famous brand products, especially in the more popular mushroom. This is not only because of the universal pine forest area is larger, pine mushroom yield a rich, but because the four seas without pollution, land is fecund, water quality is clear, the mushroom is high, not only has the very high value of nutrition, but also very clean, it is truly green pollution-free food.

We now see the green, is not fully demonstrated here all the charm, while climbing the Great Wall ninth house, you will see will be another exciting scene. Therefore, I advise you must climb the ninth house. See the the Great Wall, the Great Wall is not nine look of regret, to universal did not board the nine building, and that a tremor soul scene just miss the person or opportunity, you will regret.

Beijing City Sihai guide words

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Universal another attract sb.'s attention is its culture.

Universal cultural deposition is very deep.

The world itself is a historic cultural city, Sihai area of ancient cultural relics can be seen.

" Yanqing county " contains: " Universal City metallurgical, yuan into all thoroughfare, founded in eight years. " Tianshun eight years, namely 1464, now has more than 500 years of history. Historical records only record of the four Haicheng construction time, in fact, universal development time even much earlier, according to textual research, early in six, seven thousand years in the Neolithic age, there were human multiply, spring and autumn and the Warring States period, here is a swallow, the Han Dynasty, there is more prosperous, and the Yuan Dynasty has been here very prosperous, then Universal not only built iron smelting field, but also has iron manufacturing. The Yuan Dynasty rulers of the world as will and most of the main channel, each year between merchants and officials constantly, so as to promote the local economy and culture and the rapid development of the world, but the real large-scale construction and development in the Ming dynasty. According to historical introduction, not only in the period of the construction of the four Haicheng, became universal in the political, military and cultural center, but also to be widely developed country, the universal rural most is the Ming and Qing Dynasties in ancient villages, and mostly in the Ming dynasty.

The Ming Dynasty four Haicheng, regardless of the location or in construction, is very good. Four seas, and is at the central axis of Beijing to extend the line. This is absolutely not artificial coincidence, but the ancient Chinese military strategist natural shape the topography and geographic location of the best choice. It is a wise choice, the choice seems also to be a god.

City blocks northward, backed by a transverse ridge, about two mountain such as wings, and the four Haicheng stuck between two wings of the fort, blocking the thoroughfare, in the strategic defense is in very favorable situation, the east wall was built on the hill, and built three dilou, can be used as a lookout, master the enemy, but also look down from a height fired artillery, bows, and beat Shi bowling and other weapons. City " 3 feet eight feet, with two in the two hundred and fifteen step, door two seat. " Masonry building, very strong. Mountain, occupied the fortress, a forbidding strategic point, the male as the road north of Beijing, become a military. The Ming Dynasty, valued Sihai defense, crying out in the direction of the general level, and the number of horse infantry food, equipment equipped, there are clear provisions.

" Barrier opening day sea city metallurgical, Feng building powder die arch God Beijing ", this is the Ming Dynasty poet Jiang Zhenyun, swim to write verse, the two ancient poetry not only wrote the universal has huge momentum scenery, and told people that it 's very important geographical position. Open as a screen like the avoidance and rolling hills, eyes suddenly enlarged, and click into place, show town Universal City; set up around solid walls and fortresses, defend the Holy city. Said to protect God Beijing, because the world is a natural barrier to the north of Beijing, is an important line of defense.

Universal defense is declared house road. Xuanfu, i.e. today's Xuanhua city; road, Xuanhua city east area, including the current eastern suburb of Xuanhua City, Huailai, Yanqing, and other areas of the world. The defence of the most important road south, South to the most important and universal, the universal defense with nine building of the Great Wall's most prominent. Nine building the Great Wall not only in the ancient military significance, it is in the ancient culture of the Great Wall also occupies an important position.

Now, let's let's drive to the nine building the Great Wall scenic area.

Please follow my finger at the right angle, in the small village is called "a building ", because the village near the mountain has built a watchtower named, now there are still remains. The building is used for observation and light beacon. In the enemy's situation, give the fire at night, called " Feng "; the daytime Langyan, called " smoke", because China is not easy to be dispersed by the wind, the distance can see. Therefore, people used to get around the war as " war four " or " involving four ". As the nine building of the sentinel, such towers were three towns.

This place is called " the two floor ", there are second towers of the ruins.

The village is called "the third floor ", there are third towers of the ruins.

Friends, the vehicle is moving ahead is not far to the " kiln village". Because of Ming Dynasty kiln village nine building the Great Wall will families lived there, and there built a stone cave. General Guard troops were stationed on the clearance of the city in the south of the Great Wall, i.e., but here is very special, the army is stationed in the Great Wall outside, that is to say, stationed in the Great Wall north. You have to ask, why is this? So, here and the universal is help defense, army stationed in outside, mutual motivate support is convenient; and secondly, nine building above the the Great Wall on the southern slope of mountain is steep, upper and lower journey far and hard to go on smoothly, easy, so the army is stationed in outside the boundary wall. Keep to live outside, their families will follow the lives since the outside edge of the kiln village.

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