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Hello, everyone. All long-distance travel hard. On behalf of Beijing youth travel service welcome the arrival of friends. Come to china. To the capital Beijing to visit. Please allow me to introduce myself. I call her. From Beijing Youth Travel agency. Will do as we tour guide. But as we all driver surnamed Wang, do in Rome as Rome does. In Beijing, said that the driver is the master, so we call him king master it. To my name will go, just call out my name is Niu Niu. Next trip in Beijing by me and Wang common service for all, believe me and Wang tacit cooperation, warm and thoughtful service, will let you in Beijing through a happy, forget, meaningful holiday, while everyone in the process of tourism activities any ideas or suggestions, you can directly tell me or driver master, can also tell you to tell me to his team. In may not exceed the scope of authority within me. I will try my best to help you. At the same time, also hope that everyone in this trip can support and cooperate with my tour guide service. Here Niu Niu previously salute you thank!

The airport and the country and a road

We see today is called the Capital International Airport Airport, is located in Shunyi near the village of Tianzhu county. About 20 kilometers away from the urban area, the original airport covers an area of 8000 acres, the airport terminal area is 12000 square meters. Runway north-south direction, 2500 meters long, 80 meters wide. Built in 1958 and put into use. The airport was built in 1956, in 1975 and 1995 two for the expansion, and we now use the terminal was in September 28, 1999 investment and use. To celebrate the 50 anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China expressly expansion. But with the development of tourism industry. In order to alleviate the first unit of passenger flow, number of package unit in Nanyuan Airport landing.

Capital airport road was founded in 1958, three yuan from the northeast at the overpass to the capital airport, 18.7 kilometers in length, only 7-9 meters wide road. In recent years, the capital construction has made rapid development, the capital airport passenger flow increase rapidly. Then, known as the " door the first road" the capital airport expressway at formal on July 2, 1992 start, in 1993 before National Day put into use. Is a fully closed, the whole highway highway, Sanyuanqiao until two airport bridge. But for the radial road. Three up three down to six lanes in both directions. Pavement width 34.5 meters, greatly shortens the time of the airport to the city. Probably about half an hour to reach downtown. On this road, not a lot of toll station. The most prominent one but we see this seat. The highway is the biggest. Toll station steel gold, antique building. Steel painted with Soviet-style painted, very beautiful. Look far, one extended open arms to welcome friends from all over the world. Welcome to China 's capital - Beijing. Through the toll station, is Beijing Hangzhou the upper reaches of the Grande Canale. Is also the only one that originated from the Beijing River, called the Wenyu river. This freeway both sides also have a lot of trees. Poplar tree, cedar, etc.. Because the Beijing Municipal People's government mobilized the people to protect environment, let Beijing all the year round with green. The three seasons of the year have foil flowers. Make Beijing more be full of vitality. More blew. Beijing city tree is the tree and Platycladus orientalis, flower is rose and chrysanthemum. Because Chinese rose, chrysanthemum and Sophora japonica and Platycladus orientalis is very suitable for the climate of Beijing. Beijing has a continental monsoon climate, four distinct seasons, spring wind, summer rain, heat and hot, autumn an invigorating autumn climate, cooling fast, winter sunny, dry, cold and less snow.

Beijing City

Beijing was known as the Gulf of Beijing, in the Gulf of Beijing is the earliest country is Yan and thistle country. So Yan thistle city in Beijing is the earliest city. Beijing city 's birthplace in Xuanwu District around Guanganmen area. The changes of history, the city of Beijing also produced the change turn the world upside down. A many-storied buildings unpluggingly and case, a modern office building residential garden city talent showing itself. Beijing is also an amazing. In order to meet the Olympic Games in 2008, the whole of Beijing and fly to prance. Beijing today is more beautiful, but in such a modern city construction. Beijing maintained the ancient city of culture, history. Not only has the imperial dynasties left cultural relics, and Beijing people originally living house, also be visible before the eyes. Is now the Beijing in a shining pearl.

The ancient city of Beijing 's most famous for alley. Courtyard. Capital snack, busk, juggling, temple, etc.. The origin of the word Hutong, opinions vary, but most often say " well " is a Mongolian word transliteration. In fact, alley two word is mongolian. The research is " Hottog " transliteration, was translated into " Huo " or "down hole ", is well. For all the residents gathered, there will be water ( well) in Beijing to water as the center, distribution area of long-standing residents. But in Beijing, Xuanwu District called " Hutong " place less. Most of the street names.

Now most of Xuanwu District district is the old city area of Liao and Jin, and place names follow up to now. Mongolia Yuan Dynasty was not the voice of the impact of. Therefore the Yuan Dynasty is the alley of Beijing statue base era. The name is also in different poses and with different expressions.

Beijing City

Morning breeze gently blowing in front of Tiananmen, mist, and the veil is lifted together with the forbidden city. A red sun rising from the East, I will be your face before that beautiful. Old and young city of Beijing, in the dawn of the new century, with the vigorous charm and a better vision of the future.

Beijing has a long history, longitudinal cross in 3000. Legend has it that the emperor is Yanhuang two half-brothers, each half of the world bank, the emperor Yan Di to Yan Di Chi You, for help with Huang Di in deer complain Heban spring wars, the defeat of Yan Di. The world unity, self-reliance for the emperor, and in the capital. According to carrying Zhuo deer Heban all-chuen is in Beijing. Later, Huang Di's grandson in the Mausoleum City, "and " become the Beijing area code. No lines representing the north.

The first emperor Ku, Beijing area as one of the world, Jizhou, to Yao called Youtong, were called when you.

After the demise of the Shang Dynasty, King Wu of Zhou Beijing in two place " Yan " and " thistle " letter to two hero. Later Yan's annexation of the thistle country collectively known as Yan, Yan represents black symbolizes the north. Yan from 44 world, 820 calendar years. Each letter was a junior high school history the longest power.

The Tang Dynasty " rebellion " later called here for metropolitan and Yanjing, Jin Dynasty of Yuan Dynasty, for most officially became the political center of the whole nation.

Nanjing Ming Dynasty Zhu Yuanzhang emperor, sent General Xu Dagong g mostly city, renamed Peking government. Free the Yongle Emperor moved the capital to Beijing after the battle of. Since then Beijing has the name.

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