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Hayat al-Fayad, 50, said her village in Idlib had emptied out since her family ran from the bombing some two weeks ago. “The entire village fled,” she said.


1)He confirmed on Tuesday the body had received a “first data set which partially complies with our previous requests”.

2)He added: “I’ve got to say on this ‘taking the knee’ thing, which I don’t know, maybe it’s got a broader history but it seems to be taken from the Game of Thrones.

3)He added: “Another independence referendum would continue the political stagnation that Scotland has seen for the last decade ... it is time that we all worked to bring the whole of the United Kingdom together.”



6)【He 】【ins】【tru】【cte】【d t】【he 】【off】【ici】【als】【 to】【 “s】【eal】【 of】【f a】【ll 】【the】【 ch】【ann】【els】【 an】【d s】【pac】【e t】【hro】【ugh】【 wh】【ich】【 th】【e i】【nfe】【cti】【ous】【 di】【sea】【se 】【may】【 fi】【nd 】【its】【 wa】【y, 】【and】【 st】【ren】【gth】【en 】【che】【ck-】【up,】【 te】【st 】【and】【 qu】【ara】【nti】【ne,】【” K】【CNA】【 ad】【ded】【.】


8)He called for “strong symbolic means to mark a new beginning” such as the restitution of Congolese works of art.


10)【He 】【als】【o u】【rge】【d e】【mpl】【oye】【rs 】【to 】【all】【ow 】【the】【ir 】【sta】【ff 】【to 】【wor】【k f】【rom】【 ho】【me 】【whe】【rev】【er 】【pos】【sib】【le,】【 an】【d s】【aid】【 th】【at 】【peo】【ple】【 ov】【er 】【70 】【yea】【rs 】【of 】【age】【 or】【 ha】【ve 】【exi】【sti】【ng 】【hea】【lth】【 co】【ndi】【tio】【ns 】【sho】【uld】【 st】【ay 】【ins】【ide】【 as】【 mu】【ch 】【as 】【the】【y c】【an.】

11)He also lamented what he said was a dearth of idealism among young people and used a euphemism to refer to student protests that led to a crackdown in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square in 1989, a taboo subject for China’s ruling Communist Party.

12)He also paid tribute to celebrated British theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, who died in 2018, saying he deserved to win a Nobel prize for his own work on black holes.