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ea. Committed to safeguarding and promoting international rule of law, we respect international law including UNCLOS, and support the proper handling of the South China Sea issue in accordance with un


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周边外交优先方向和高质量共建“一带一”重点地区,持东盟共同体建,持东盟在东亚合作的中心地位,持东盟在构建放包容的地区架构发挥更大作用。Under the new circumstances, China continues to regard ASEAN as a priority in its neighborh

irements of the new era, improve our capacity for strategic, innovative and dialectical thinking, bear in mind the rule of law and our principles, take a holistic, forward-looking and innovative appro

1)新征程,中国将进入新发展阶段应新形势新要求,我提出构建以国内大为主体国内国际双相互促进的新发展格局。这决不封闭的国内循,是更加放的国内国际双循,不仅是国自发展要,而且将更好各国人民The just concluded Fifth Plenary Session of

2)025. To be specific, more efforts will be made to build the New International Land-Sea Trade Corridor, strengthen cooperation on infrastructure connectivity including railways, highways, ports, airpor

3)ressed with the seriousness and urgency that it demands. This includes both enhancing their respective actions and cooperating in multilateral processes, including the United Nations Framework Convent


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the participation of all parties in this Initiative. The situation in Afghanistan involves the security and stability in the wider region. We need to make good use of the SCO-Afghanistan Contact Grou:

1)ems for a higher-standard open economy. All are welcome to share in the vast opportunities of the Chinese market.女士、先生们、朋友们!Ladies and Gentlemen,Friends,同舟共济帆起,乘风破万里。尽管有时会遇惊涛骇和

2)antee the supply of fresh fish, which is well liked by Wuhan people. Xi praised the healthcare workers as “the most admirable people in the new era, and expressed deep gratitude from the Party and th

3)ical work of the CPC / building the Party through theory党的组织建improving the Party’s organizational structures党的作建设promoting ethical standards within the Party党的律建设strengthening Party disciplin

4)have reinforced the efforts of Party and government institutions directed towards designated regions, buttressed the role of the military and armed police forces, and extended the participation of soc


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3)isms by which the Party exercises leadership. Steady progress has been made in enhancing socialist democracy; intra-Party democracy has been expanded, and socialist consultative democracy is flourishi

4)。(摘自习近平在打好精准脱贫攻坚战座谈会上的讲话2018212日)译文:Government investment is the major input and plays a guiding role. We have strengthened collaboration between the eastern and western regions. We

5)to earnestly implement our cooperation document on intellectual property, protect and incentivize innovation and fully bring out the innovation potential. Concrete efforts are needed to remove barrier