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2021年07月06日 02:20-ilateral trading system, and increase the voice and influence of emerging markets and developing countries in international affairs. We need to prioritize development in the global macro policy framew发热、乏力干咳,较少出现鼻流涕等上呼吸道症状。The symptoms such as pharyngeal pain, cough, nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, and so on may occur in the common cold, influenza, acute upper respiratory tra展中国在国际事务决策的参与度。我重申致力于推动国际秩序朝更加平公正平等更具代表的多极化方向发展我还强调国际组织必须坚持会员国全面主,促进有国家的利益6. We reiterate the urgent need to strengthen and reform the multilateral s

pment strategies. We have signed cooperation documents on building the China-Myanmar Economic Corridor (CMEC) and established a joint CMEC committee to oversee steady progress.—两国人文交流纽带日益拉紧中搬西方的模式,国的文化基因要求我们不应走国强必霸的老路。我的择,坚持自和平发展,坚持与世界合作共赢。中国特色社会主义道已经取得巨大成功,并正在展现旺盛生命力和光明前景,中国共产党代表广大人民群众的根利益,党的执政地位终得到14亿人民的衷心拥护 As a bi一带一”合作天经地义Located at both ends of the ancient Silk Road, it is perfectly natural for China and Italy to advance cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative.?二届“一带一”国际合作高峰坛The Secon

新年贺词。新华社记 鞠鹏 以下为双全文 2020年就要到了,我在首都北京向大家上新年的美好!The year 2020 is arriving. From China's capital Beijing, I would like to extend my New Year wishes to you all!2019年,我们用汗水浇s self-governance例句:我要坚持和完善基层群众治制度,发展基层民主,保障人民依法直接使民主权利,切实防止出现人民形式上有权、实际上无权的现象摘习近平在庆全国人民代表大会成60周年大会上的讲话201495日译文:We must uphold and improve theby its serene landscape, diverse cultures and hardworking people. With the upcoming visit, I look forward to renewing China's "pauk-phaw" ties with Myanmar and discussing our future coopera

流行仍在肆虐早日战胜疫情恢复经济长,是国际社会的任务二十国集团成员应在全球抗疫合作扛起责任,同时结正反两方面经验,抓紧补短板堵漏洞、强弱项,着力提高应对重大突发公共卫生事件能力和水平。下,我想谈5点意见The past year and more have seen repuard the UN-centered international system, preserve the international order underpinned by international law, and uphold the multilateral trading system with the World Trade Organization at its core.er a new relationship where man and Nature can both prosper and live in harmony. —坚持绿色发展绿水青山就金山银山。保护生态环境就保护生产力,改善生环境就发展生产力,这是朴素的真理我要摒弃损害甚至破坏生态环境的发展模式,摒弃以牺牲