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“Dream Cruises has been working closely with the regional authorities in facilitating the transfer and disembarkation of its crew members in different phases from World Dream due to the various nationalities,” the statement said.


1)【“Even】【 fact】【oring】【 in o】【ther 】【measu】【res, 】【then 】【it is】【 unli】【kely 】【the g】【overn】【ment 】【is of】【ferin】【g maj】【or su】【pport】【. Thi】【s ref】【lects】【 the 】【diffi】【cult 】【finan】【ces w】【ith t】【he bu】【dget 】【defic】【it ex】【pecte】【d to 】【be ov】【er 7%】【 of G】【DP in】【 2020】【,” sa】【id Li】【vermo】【re.】

2)“Double standards @ShopeeTH,” wrote Twitter user @chanson_2013. “You need to explain why you banned the stores of those advancing democracy but allow businesses who are pro government to sell on your platform.”

3)“Even large numbers in known contained outbreaks are, to a certain extent, less significant than the smaller number of cases where we simply can’t find the circumstance or point of origin,” Andrews told reporters.


5)“For an oil-producing country in the 21st century to experience this kind of situation ... is deplorable, degrading,” said the opposition lawmaker Omar Avila, who led a visit to the area on Friday.

6)“For me it is more the frustration and stress of not knowing when I will find a job because of the current crisis,” she said.



9)【“Eve】【ryth】【ing 】【is o】【n th】【e ta】【ble,】【” Tr】【udea】【u sa】【id i】【n hi】【s da】【ily 】【pres】【s co】【nfer】【ence】【 whe】【n as】【ked 】【what】【 the】【 fed】【eral】【 gov】【ernm】【ent 】【woul】【d do】【 to 】【help】【 fix】【 the】【 cur】【rent】【 sys】【tem.】

10)“Europe has shown that it can rise to the occasion of this crisis,” said French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire, praising what he said was the most important economic plan in EU history.