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“Unless there is a good reason for absence, then we’d be looking at the fact that we would be imposing fines on families,” education minister Gavin Williamson said on Monday.


1)【“T】【on】【y 】【Go】【et】【z 】【co】【nt】【es】【ts】【 t】【he】【se】【 f】【ac】【ts】【 a】【nd】【 u】【ph】【ol】【ds】【 t】【ha】【t 】【th】【e 】【co】【mp】【an】【y 】【di】【d 】【no】【t 】【vi】【ol】【at】【e 】【an】【y 】【la】【w,】【” 】【th】【e 】【re】【fi】【ne】【ry】【 s】【ai】【d 】【in】【 a】【 s】【ta】【te】【me】【nt】【, 】【ad】【di】【ng】【 t】【ha】【t 】【it】【 w】【as】【 c】【on】【si】【de】【ri】【ng】【 w】【he】【th】【er】【 t】【o 】【ap】【pe】【al】【.】

2)“Though Taiwan’s economy has been affected by the epidemic, its overall economic performance is still relatively stable compared with other countries,” she said.

3)“Today France is definitely a power on a European scale, and France’s role after Brexit will without doubt grow,” he said.

【“Tho】【ugh 】【some】【 peo】【ple 】【may 】【not 】【be h】【appy】【 wit】【h th】【is n】【ame,】【 at 】【leas】【t th】【e wa】【y we】【 par】【tici】【pate】【 is 】【not 】【plac】【ed u】【nder】【 ano】【ther】【 cou】【ntry】【.”】:

1)“Unfortunately, there were hardly any visitors during women’s days,” the RIA news agency cited the spa complex as saying on its Instagram page, which has now been set to private.

2)“To limit the spread of the virus, we need to limit the movement of people. We are slowing down the movement of people in Metro Manila,” Jose Arturo Garcia, general manager of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority, told a news conference.






4)“Up to 90% of the overseas arrivals are our citizens and there were many new cases among them,” deputy director Kwon Jun-wook told a separate briefing.