The latest figures bring the total death toll to 107 and infections to 2,633, Health Secretary Francisco Duque told a regular news conference, reiterating that people should stay home while the country’s main island of Luzon is under a month-long strict quarantine.


【The l】【eftis】【t pre】【siden】【t put】【 the 】【Boein】【g 787】【 Drea】【mline】【r up 】【for s】【ale s】【hortl】【y aft】【er ta】【king 】【offic】【e in 】【Decem】【ber 2】【018, 】【conde】【mning】【 the 】【custo】【mized】【 airc】【raft 】【as an】【 out-】【of-to】【uch s】【ymbol】【 of e】【xcess】【, yet】【 bids】【 fail】【ed to】【 meet】【 the 】【$130 】【milli】【on va】【luati】【on.】

The leader has imposed some of the toughest measures in the Americas against the pandemic, in which El Salvador has registered 72 deaths and 3,603 infections from the coronavirus.




The LDP will elect a new leader on Sept. 14 to replace Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who abruptly announced his intention to resign on Aug. 28.

The latest figures are in line with a downward trend in new cases which has raised hopes that the outbreak may be easing in Asia’s fourth-largest economy.

The Kuria (Supreme Court) case involved an elementary school in Gyongyospata, a town that has been a flashpoint of ethnic tensions in the past.


The latest health ministry report on confirmed cases took the total to 30,972, according to figures published on the ministry’s website. One more person died, bringing the death toll to 15.

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