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【T】【h】【e】【 】【d】【e】【a】【t】【h】【 】【t】【o】【l】【l】【 】【i】【n】【 】【I】【t】【a】【l】【y】【 】【a】【s】【s】【o】【c】【i】【a】【t】【e】【d】【 】【w】【i】【t】【h】【 】【t】【h】【e】【 】【o】【u】【t】【b】【r】【e】【a】【k】【 】【i】【s】【 】【c】【l】【o】【s】【e】【 】【t】【o】【 】【2】【7】【,】【0】【0】【0】【 】【-】【 】【t】【h】【e】【 】【s】【e】【c】【o】【n】【d】【 】【h】【i】【g】【h】【e】【s】【t】【 】【i】【n】【 】【t】【h】【e】【 】【w】【o】【r】【l】【d】【 】【-】【 】【a】【n】【d】【 】【c】【o】【n】【f】【i】【r】【m】【e】【d】【 】【c】【l】【o】【s】【e】【 】【t】【o】【 】【2】【0】【0】【,】【0】【0】【0】【.】

The decision is the latest twist in a long-running legal battle and is likely to disappoint Uribe’s critics, who had hailed the house arrest as a triumph of judicial independence.


2)【The d】【eal w】【ould 】【make 】【the U】【AE on】【ly th】【e thi】【rd Ar】【ab co】【untry】【 to f】【orge 】【ties 】【with 】【Israe】【l in 】【more 】【than 】【70 ye】【ars, 】【after】【 Egyp】【t and】【 Jord】【an in】【 1979】【 and 】【1994 】【respe】【ctive】【ly.】

3)The death of Floyd, 46, sparked sometimes violent protests this week, after video showing him gasping for air while a policeman kneeled on his neck went viral. It echoed the 2014 death of Eric Garner in New York, which helped fuel the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The decision means Kabuga, 84, is likely spend at least several months in The Hague and be brought before an international judge there for an initial appearance in his war crimes case, rather than in Tanzania as planned.:

1)The death toll from the outbreak in mainland China reached 2,912 as of the end of Sunday, up by 42 from the previous day.



4)【The】【 de】【fen】【ce 】【min】【ist】【ry 】【sai】【d t】【wo 】【mem】【ber】【s o】【f t】【he 】【com】【man】【do 】【for】【ce 】【wer】【e k】【ill】【ed 】【and】【 si】【x w】【oun】【ded】【, w】【hil】【e t】【he 】【res】【t o】【f t】【he 】【cas】【ual】【tie】【s w】【ere】【 ci】【vil】【ian】【s.】

1)【T】【h】【e】【 】【D】【e】【f】【e】【n】【c】【e】【 】【M】【i】【n】【i】【s】【t】【r】【y】【 】【b】【a】【n】【n】【e】【d】【 】【t】【r】【o】【o】【p】【s】【 】【s】【t】【a】【t】【i】【o】【n】【e】【d】【 】【i】【n】【 】【D】【a】【e】【g】【u】【 】【f】【r】【o】【m】【 】【l】【e】【a】【v】【i】【n】【g】【 】【t】【h】【e】【i】【r】【 】【b】【a】【r】【r】【a】【c】【k】【s】【 】【a】【n】【d】【 】【r】【e】【c】【e】【i】【v】【i】【n】【g】【 】【g】【u】【e】【s】【t】【s】【,】【 】【w】【h】【i】【l】【e】【 】【a】【 】【s】【o】【l】【d】【i】【e】【r】【 】【w】【h】【o】【 】【h】【a】【d】【 】【r】【e】【c】【e】【n】【t】【l】【y】【 】【v】【i】【s】【i】【t】【e】【d】【 】【h】【i】【s】【 】【h】【o】【m】【e】【 】【i】【n】【 】【D】【a】【e】【g】【u】【 】【t】【e】【s】【t】【e】【d】【 】【p】【o】【s】【i】【t】【i】【v】【e】【 】【f】【o】【r】【 】【t】【h】【e】【 】【v】【i】【r】【u】【s】【.】

2)The decision by the BfV intelligence agency to monitor the Fluegel was a setback to the AfD’s efforts to deflect accusations that it harbour racist views - a taboo for many Germans given the country’s Nazi past.