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1)SUCHIATE RIVER, Guatemala/Mexico (Reuters) - Mexican security forces fired tear gas at rock-hurling Central American migrants who waded across a river into Mexico earlier on Monday, in a chaotic scramble that saw mothers separated from their young children.



4)Students also get their temperatures checked and a facial recognition scanner automatically sends a message to parents, he said.

5)【Stil】【l, t】【he m】【oves】【 out】【 of 】【Germ】【any 】【repr】【esen】【t a 】【rema】【rkab】【le r】【ebuk】【e to】【 one】【 of 】【the 】【clos】【est 】【U.S.】【 mil】【itar】【y al】【lies】【 and】【 tra】【ding】【 par】【tner】【s, w】【hile】【 two】【 ben】【efic】【iari】【es, 】【Ital】【y an】【d Be】【lgiu】【m, a】【re l】【ow-s】【pend】【ing 】【alli】【ance】【 mem】【bers】【, ac】【cord】【ing 】【to N】【ATO 】【data】【.】


7)【ST】【EP】【 T】【HR】【EE】【 -】【 I】【f 】【th】【e 】【is】【su】【e 】【is】【 n】【ot】【 r】【es】【ol】【ve】【d 】【du】【ri】【ng】【 t】【he】【 i】【ni】【ti】【al】【 3】【0-】【da】【y 】【pr】【oc】【es】【s,】【 t】【he】【 J】【oi】【nt】【 C】【om】【mi】【ss】【io】【n 】【ha】【s 】【fi】【ve】【 d】【ay】【s 】【to】【 c】【on】【si】【de】【r 】【an】【y 】【ad】【vi】【so】【ry】【 b】【oa】【rd】【 o】【pi】【ni】【on】【 i】【n 】【a 】【bi】【d 】【to】【 s】【et】【tl】【e 】【th】【e 】【di】【sp】【ut】【e.】

8)Suifenhe is more than 2,000 km northeast of Wuhan, capital of central Hubei province, where the novel coronavirus emerged late last year, and for weeks residents felt safe.

9)Still, many Tibetans see Chinese as a valuable skill for the next generation, as it provides economic and education opportunity to a population that lives in remote and underdeveloped areas.


11)Sunday’s government decision capped more than five months of fitful talks after Washington and the Taliban agreed on the release of the Taliban prisoners as a condition for the talks with Kabul.