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组建合资企业The quality of the technology is crucial, because cars, as sophisticated computers, could be vulnerable to hackers.质量至关重,因为汽车就像精密的算机一样,能易于受到黑客攻击Hugh Boyes, cyber security吸取教。我bu了解那些搞电ying的yuan工,但索尼游戏部men的员工直很友好很开放,应会愿意同电影部门的员工合作cai是。This type of corporate structure is hardly limited to Sony, but it helps explain why such a challenging period in 201an’s military and its response to armed attacks.其中法为日本军方向国维和部队提供后勤持划定了框架。还有一法则对十条约束日军队及其对击的回应方式的法律做了修改The security changes are unpopular with the public. A recent

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