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L1、L2的L是Level(楼层)的字母 G/GF: Ground Floor(一楼,英式用法 LG:Lower Ground(地下楼层) UG: Upper Ground(地上楼层) mezzanine:夹层(M层)文已获授权,如需载与原作者联系 (来源:信公众号“侃英 :yaning)英表赞同的句子



n”了,很,他会听到一性称呼 During onboard announcements, the term "everybody" will replace the terms "ladies and gentlemen," announcement: n. replace: vt.替代 【译】机广播词中"everybody”的称呼将取"ladieste of Nezha. 4、人心中的成见是座大山,任你怎么力都休想动 The prejudice in your mind is like a mountain, and no matter how hard you try, you can't move it. 5、我命由我不由天,是魔是仙,我是谁只有我己了算 The one that或某事看法的过程,这影响为以是有意识的也可能是无意识的。与印象管理相近的一说法为self-presentation(个人展示),即某人试图影响人们对其形象的识 People adopt many different impression management strategies. One of them is ingrat青年,他都持些带给人希望但又不切实际的道德念。他通常会把乌托邦式的梦想与“真理混为一谈 Usually beginning when one enters college, these young persons read deep literature, listen to college radio, and search for the因为突然的雨天延期或取消,以,rain-off就是“(因为雨天)XX取消;延期” I was really looking forward to the football match this weekend, but it turned out to be a rain-off. 我很期待这场球赛,但因为下雨取消了It never rai

ptian Days。Egyptian Days, also called Dismal Days, refer to days of the year that signify bad luck or ill omen. Egyptian Days(或Dismal Days)指年当代表厄运或凶兆的那些日子,字面意思可称之为埃及日”,也就“不吉利的日make it compulsory for workers to accept the working hours they're offered, and others allow the employee to decide, but most contracts of this type don't offer sick or holiday pay, and deny rights su



eat investment".终,数百万身背巨额房贷的人将失去他们的房子,这个他们曾告知天下属于自己的”房子,这个人人都将“非常好的投资的房子。These perpetual debtors/serfs will probably never own the home outright, thanks to cyclical re配the way you look”你的样子这里指人的长相、举、服饰等外貌特征 4. You’ve got looks to die for.你太漂亮了 名词“look”的复数形式“looks”指“人的相貌表达to die for”用在口,以夸张的手法来突出人或事物令人梦寐以求的,它的实际意hat obscure everything apart from what the user is viewing, and even mobile phone apps which allow a group of people to collectively disable their mobile phones during a meal or conversation. Taking i人之间和非式的场合 Ways to disagree strongly: 1. No, you’re wrong. 不,你错了 这句话直接地否定了他人的想法 2. That’s rubbish. 瞎 英国人在口会话用名词rubbish”指“垃圾,它再这里的意思是“一派胡、废话 注意,这表达不礼貌 3. Ite of Nezha. 4、人心中的成见是座大山,任你怎么力都休想动 The prejudice in your mind is like a mountain, and no matter how hard you try, you can't move it. 5、我命由我不由天,是魔是仙,我是谁只有我己了算 The one that关于波斯尼亚势的 Mr. Smith loves to talk about what's wrong with the government. 史密先生爱谈政府有什么不对常about后面会跟名词或作为名词用的词组,但是美的用法却有一些不同 例句 Midterm elections are all about voter turnhe computer screen? The most common trick is to paste a novel into a work-related word document. In fact, there are many more tricks that you did not know. 通常情况下,他们桌上成堆的文件只些早该扔进废纸篓的东西estones like weddings, college graduations, or various kinds of reunions. They are not supposed to say no to these invitations and these trips are filling up their travel calendars and invading theirlives cue: 'trying to get James to eat spinach', or twitpic: 'Ella sitting on potty for first time'. 在数字时代分信息的快捷和便利意味分享父母并不在社交平台上夸赞家子,是分享家子每分每的生活细节。比如,发条博:“在backwards classroom, reverse instruction. 翻转课堂(或翻转教)种生学和老师辅相结合的习模式,生在看教习新的知识,原来需要带回做的作业则改为在堂上进行,老师的主要任务不讲授,是对生提供更有针的辅,同时学生之间还能有更多的的人 ?再来看几个"国"俚 ①Spanish athlete 西班牙运动员 意是:爱吹牛的人;胡说八道的人? - Don't be a Spanish athlete, nobody will like you. -不到处吹牛,没人会喜你的。②Greek gift 希腊的礼 意是:人的礼 ?? - Be car

(我碰上些很难办的事儿)面压力山大的挑战,或许也会疲不堪,十分糟糕,英文就是be the worse for wear。:You were the worse for wear last night.(你昨晚看上去整人都不好了)而表示自己难了,还以be stumped,:I'm completely stumpered totally disastrous. The last Monday in April, the second Monday of August, and the third Monday of December seem to be specially unlucky. 以上这些日子不宜动任何新项目。在古代,医生不会在这些日子做手或实施重要的


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