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vironment.In January, the State Council issued the Notice on Several Measures for Opening Wider to the Outside World and Making Active Use of Foreign Investment. In April, seven pilot free trade zones



‘Don’t ask me. I’m always the last to know.’例句:“她么时候她在赶车来? “别我,我是后一知道的 e.g. ‘Why didn’t he ask you for the keys? ‘Search me. I’m not a mind reader.’例句:“为么他不问你钥匙呢? “不ice, by contributing “BRICS wisdom and “BRICS solutions to world peace and development and by playing an active and constructive role in building a community of shared future for mankind.三,要做国际uot;/data/attachement/jpg/site1/20151027/00221910dbb417995ba711.jpg" border="0" />生病了或家里有事儿不能上,都要假。不过,人在职场,假也不件那么易的事。么说才能传情达意,既到了假,又不人觉得你在偷懒bsence.迟到两等于缺次 Don't tell me you were born late too.跟我说你出生的时候也迟到了 You're not late, you're just early for next week, right?你没迟到,只上下周的课来早了,是吧? 课堂 Please raise your hand if yoitate a negotiated solution. As Chinese Ambassador to the DPRK before coming to Britain, I had been personally involved in the process and understand the issue all too well.It was thanks to China’s ha

is opportunity to thank other BRICS leaders and friends from the business, think tank, cultural and sports communities for your strong support for China’s BRICS chairmanship. My thanks also go to then infrastructure investment. We look forward to more British companies joining in the building of China’s infrastructure and public services system.国日报:在围绕投资查委员会成立的必的相关讨中,为么单单把



ibilities, and to increase support to developing countries. As the United Nations is considering reform of its development system, we need to ensure that the reform will focus on development and bring天气预报说明天有时高60英里的大风 其他相关天气表达 1. It hasn't rained a drop for months!好几月没下雨了! 2. The heat is unbearable!了! 3. It's raining cats and dogs today.今天下了好大的雨 4. The drought conditionorean Peninsula.为实现上述目标,美国和韩国还应立即停止部署萨德反导系统这部署严重威胁国和地区其他国的战略安全,同时也损各方在半岛核问题上的信任与合作,无助于推进半岛无核化,也不利于维护半岛长远稳定与和平Now is a to-be-or-not-to-be moment.,术业有专攻。他是IT专不能明他在和电脑有关的有域里都专 12. hold one's horse不,耐心 Hold your horses. Don't leave without finishing your report first.慢着,别忘了先把你的报告写完再走 13. horse around胡闹,捣 My fr利合作的一大亮点Ambassador Liu: There is an old saying in China, “Mountains and seas cannot distance people who are of the same mind. This year marks the 45th anniversary of the ambassadorial diplomaticuitable.金砖还是放的平台。金砖机制不封闭的俱乐部,金砖合作的影响也远远超出五国范畴厦门会晤上,中方举行了新兴市场国与发展国话会,请埃及墨西哥、泰国吉克斯坦几内亚等五国人出席,共商南南合作和国际发展合作大,成功“金砖+”模式随“朋友圈nd to take up their responsibilities.当然,金砖国家合作也曾经历曲折反复,但我始终相互信任、坚定信念保持信心,共同推进金砖国合作稳致远。当前,世界经济复苏的基仍不牢固,经济全球化进程出现波折,保护主义沉渣泛起不少新兴市场国家和发展国经济遭遇3. I'm sorry, would you mind repeating that/(what you said), please? 因为你没清,以一定注意礼貌,记得把sorry和please挂在嘴边~ 如果人没有听清你说的话,你也要心点别显得不烦喔,下面也有些常用的句型来表达: “我刚刚.../“其境三大域协调发展,为发展和国际发展合作营造良好政策环境优先做好消除贫困促进长、扩大就业等工作,使发展成果惠及全体人民。发达国家应切实履官方发展援助承诺,加大对发展中国支持It is important for all countries to shoulder their primary resglobal standing.首先我指出,作为今年的金砖国家轮值主国,国的高效率工作使我们在政治经济人文等有主要合作域得以共同取得重的进展。,金砖五国在世界上的地位也得到了显著的提升。It is important that our group’s activities are based on tttle of mineral water?可以给我拿瓶矿泉水吗? Uncarbonated mineral water, please.请给我不碳酸的矿泉水 May I have some more bread, please.请再给我些面包 I'd like a dessert, please.我来份甜点 What do you have for

:15 读作 sixteen fifteen 18:35 读作 eighteen thirty-five 世纪以用定冠词加序数词加世纪century表示,也以用定冠词加百位进数加s表示 the eighteenth18th)century 元十世纪 the 1900s 二十世纪 the 1600s 十七世纪 这里,用百位数整main area for restaurants?这儿的厅多集在哪? Is there a Chinese restaurant around here?这附近是否有国厅? Are there any inexpensive restaurants near here?这附近是否有价位不贵的厅? How can I get there?我么去那


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