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ribes the situation that some young Chinese are forced to give up jobs in large cities like Shanghai and Beijing and try to settle down in second-or-third-tier cities because of harsh competition at w



e go to a new restaurant we are not familiar with, we always choose to order food we are interested in instead of those that are more delicious, which more often are delivered to a nearby table. A betu are bending and flexing your neck forward, as a result, that constant motion will etch some lines into your neck. 在我处的数字世界,很多人都会花很多时间低头看手机。长期于这脖子前倾弯曲的姿势会致颈部出现皱纹 (英点津ls are personal attributes that enhance an individual's interactions, job performance and career prospects. Unlike hard skills, which are about a person's skill set and ability to perform a certain tya youthful time, accompanied by the inexperience, enthusiasm, idealism, innocence, or indiscretion that one associates with a young person. More modern use, especially in the United States, refers to说用global weirding(全球异常)来描述更加准。It could be colder, it could be drier, it could be wetter, it could be warmer. If you can’t exactly point to the climate changes as evidence of global warming, p

ading indicator for economic recovery because attractive people may be the first group of individuals to find better paying jobs when a bad economy begins to turn around. 传统的经济理论为,就业在预测经济时是etween the Manguinhos and Jacarezinho favelas, as Brazilian slums are known. 位于巴西两个民窟间的家理发店内,14名理发师每周工作7天 The house special is the "jaca cut." Invented a decade ago in the nearby Jacar



育锻炼虽然我的整体状况有明显不可忽的作用,但这并不能消除久坐带来的不利影响 Prolonged sitting, it turns out, flips biochemical switches inside muscle cells that boost your odds for heart failure, up your risk for f我来,实际上它更像日,以,也我就是“过度分狂 (英点津 祝兴媛)流量为王?微信有了刷阅族”微博有阅人数显示,信文章也有阅读数量显示,在阅读数量代表商机的思维引下,不少微信公众号始雇佣刷阅族”帮他们刷阅读量。Hired WeChat readers are thosending £65,000 on her post-divorce makeover. 'My reinvention is pretty much over, and it doesn’t really matter to me if I meet someone or not. I am happier and more confident and, in time, the romancehave gone interactive, stardom has become participatory. (Source: Word Spy) Kan不是Justin Timberlake,更不是像Paris Hilton那样的八卦焦点但他却会这种无形的造星力量为他用媒体已步入互动时代,明星圈然也要参与其 相关阅 狗仔ned(还做朋友吧),还有糟的种是acquaintance zoned(踢出朋友圈),连朋友也没得做 You are friend zoned when a member of the opposite sex (usually one you want to hook up with) declares you to be "just a friend", tth extremely high real estate values caused by foreign investors buying properties as a hedge against instability in their own countries.“冲城市”是那些安全、稳定房价高的城市,外国投资者会选择在这种城市购买房产,以避方这样的场景大在电剧里都见过吧专业人把这样的表现描述为分配注意力的能力很强,也就说,这些人能够同时关注不同的两件事,而且还能把它都做好用我们今天要的这个词来表示,他就是supertasker了The term "supertasker" is given to individuals ablyers on the pitch, but if the fans are particularly loud in their support they can help their team, they can encourage them. “12名队员用来统指足球队的球迷足球队上场比赛的队员是11名,但是,果现场球迷持的呼声很高的话,nistic or Bohemian lifestyle for a short period of time would be relatively risk-free.虽然很年轻人能嫉妒他的生活中没有工作压力,也不需要父母的财政援,但信托自由儿却可能厌倦自己作为一富企业或名人的儿子或女儿的身份这也是为什么很,“果你不在社交媒体上,你就不存在”这句话比任何时候都能反映现实,几乎涵盖我们日常生活方方面面的这种全方位记录已经让我始为了这些录而活,不让录单反映我生活的某方面。今,我要时刻注意自己的行,就好像我的为会永久保存且供大赏”(因为,很有性在些情表达比较集中的时候,如果有人“溜号,没有跟其他人样表达出该有的情,就会有人其进指责,说这人为欠妥,其实也就是说他“情上不正确”Emotional correctness refers to pressure on an individual to be seen to feel the same

e attempt to attract the interest and attention of people around them. Such individuals appear to be behaving as if they were giving a performance, with the mobile as a theatrical prop, hence the usethe repetitive drone-like music will give them a ‘high that takes them out of reality, only legally available and downloadable on the Internet. 他们认为那不重的单一节的音乐会他们high起来,带他们逃现实生活这


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